Our Mission

RAD School believes in providing an educational environment that supports the individual child’s academic and emotional needs. RAD School students approach the world with creative thought and expression.

The educational program is based on experiential learning. The curriculum focuses on artistic development as a tool for academic work. The teacher is a source of inspiration through example and practice. The children are not instructed but participate in self-discovery of spirit and ability. An essential part of the RAD School experience is participating in field trips. The school seeks to utilize the city as an essential learning tool as well as exploring the contrasting dynamics of the countryside.

The emotional needs of the children are met by providing a nurturing social environment to ensure the children’s confidence and enable individual development and social responsibility. The teacher moderates social interaction and encourages positive conflict resolution. The class size allows the teacher to provide the necessary attention and focus to each individual child.

The home-based curriculum extends the children’s social environment not only to their peers but also incorporates the entire family, where siblings and parents are an integral part of the school. The school enables the children to begin to slowly, yet confidently, build their own community in an inspiring and self-motivated manner.