31 March 2014

RADville part 1

One of the students' favorite projects this year was the creation of our very own model town, RADville. We started by observing the goings-on about our own neighborhood. What businesses were there? What services? We thought about what is neccessary to have in a town, and what were things that made life there fun and enjoyable for its citizens?

Each student then chose a business or service to create for RADville.
We came up with
a hospital
a veterinary clinic
a hotel
a police station/jail
a clothing store
a movie theater
a cafe
a graveyard!

The students then went on mini-field trips to study the establishments they were going to create in miniature. The students interviewed people who worked there and found out information they needed about how these places were run.

Clipboards in hand, ready to observe!

Two RADsters went to the local police station and got to interview a real policeman!

Back at school, students filled in a checklist to record the data they had gathered, and they then started planning their own businesses and services.  

After our research phase, it was time to begin construction!  Each student got his or her own wooden box. We started by sanding and painting them...

Then we used paper, cardboard and recycled art materials to construct the insides of the structures.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished town!