13 September 2013

Week One Was Loads of Fun!

 Hello RAD Families!

What a great first week!  The children did a fantastic job getting into the groove of school.  We discussed the unique elements that make us RAD-sters.  We know we are a mix of ages, abilities, and interests – how lucky we are to be able to share all these things with one another!

We played Math games including The Game of Pig and Candy Breakers – each game was hands-on and group oriented.  They focused on a review and practice of addition/subtraction skills and equation writing.

We discussed “just right” books – those that aren’t too hard or too easy.  These are the type of books we will use during Language Arts time as they help us become better readers.  We also took our first trip to the library on Thursday --  our local branch has a wonderful children's section and Ms. S, the librarian, gave us a tour.

We broke in our Writers’ Notebooks and talked about how writers get their ideas.  We also talked about the difference between a "watermelon idea" and a "seed idea."  For example, a watermelon story might be “My Week at Camp” whereas a seed story might be called “The Food at Camp.”  The watermelon story focuses on a larger topic and the seed story a smaller, more specific one.

Social Studies was all about neighborhoods this week.  We made a list of goods and services that a typical community contains. We also discussed the difference between wants and needs.  Some juicy discussions emerged.  Do people need toy stores and movie theaters?  Some children argued that yes, people need things “to help them be happy.” We then looked at our own neighborhood by taking a stroll on 5th Ave.  We noticed various businesses, street signs, and chatted with some city workers. 

We will work to design our own RAD City over the next week or two.  Many children have decided on a business they would like to construct and created cardboard people to live and work there.

During Rest/Read Aloud time we have been listening to short stories by Roald Dahl including “Esio Trot” and “The Boy Who Spoke to Animals.”  Children each have their own sketch book to draw in as they listen to the book.

Outdoor Play was spent running and climbing and getting wet.  We sure had some hot days this week!

Monday-Thursday afternoons children get a choice time to build, do art, design plays, etc. around the room.  However, Friday afternoons are reserved for Tidy Time.  We cleaned and scrubbed and dusted to the tunes of Michael Jackson.  Mary Poppins was right - "For every job that must be done there is an element of fun!"

Pics of the Week:

Have a great weekend!