14 April 2013

artist study: olek!

we had a great time at the olek exhibit. the kids did an amazing job keeping the noise level down while making all sorts of observations. i had made a worksheet for the kids to help inspire some critical analysis. 

everyone loved the artwork- there were a ton of connections made. since we had talked about olek's work beforehand the kids knew that a lot of her art is interactive. so when one of the students asked me if they could interact with the art by stepping inside the crocheted room, i assumed it wasn't allowed but said they could ask the exhibit attendant. to my surprise, it was allowed! it was a nice reminder to us all to always ask questions! we were given slippers to put over our shoes and then stepped inside the threshold...

being inside such a cushioned room inspired a lot of lying down- which was a great new perspective to make more observations!

as i mentioned, the kids made a ton of discoveries. we talked about the colors that olek used- lots of pink, purple, teal, golds and silvers. thea made the discovery of a dark blue that could only be seen in a few select spots inside the crocheted room. suddenly the kids were noticing all sorts of things we could only spot from inside!

the kids observed that while the tea cup, saucer and spoon were no longer functional, the wine glasses were because there was still glass on the inside!

we had a great discussion about function- how crocheting over certain things took away their functionality, like the tea cup and (fake) grapes, but not for other things- like the chairs, the picture frames, the candelabra or boxing gloves...

i think it was sonny who noticed the olek playing cards!

olivia and thea observed that even the bottom of the swing was crocheted! 

all in all, i was wildly proud of the radsters!