06 February 2013

making mistakes and loving it.

after reading the dot the kids were each given a dot of their own to paste onto paper and transform into something else. since everyone was encouraged to make mistakes there was a lot of excitement in the air! many discoveries were made- it was so much fun to witness! there wasn't one student who was disappointed with their art- who knew making mistakes could be so liberating?

i love this photo of daphne. she was drawing a horse, something she hadn't done before, and mistakenly drew too large of a tail. rather than get upset she made it work and ended up loving the final result! she said she never knew she was so good at drawing horses! 

when sonny's focal point, a three dimensional paper sculpture, didn't turn out as planned he worked around it- and liked how it turned out!

olivia took inspiration from the book and started creating her own collage of dots- she even took it one step further and sampled every color from every coloring utensil she could find!

oona learned that an accidental smudge of blue created a cool effect on her drawing when it mixed into white!

isaac found a way of making dots by winding his arm up and gracefully bringing it down onto his paper- talk about creative expression! like a young jackson pollock. very cool.