26 February 2013

flashback video: chickens and worms

chickens from The Rad School on Vimeo.

in october at the warren-st. marks community garden in park slope, garden member and chicken wrangler andrea kannapell introduced us to a white laying hen named worm. she is called worm because she loves loves loves to eat worms.

we helped dig up some worms for her (worm, not andrea).

the garden almost got rid of its hens because some neighbors were upset that they had been moved in without notice. they worried that the hens would bring noise and smell. dozens of people signed a petition demanding the hens leave. kate read us some of the story from the newspaper about the park slope chicken war.

we wanted the hens to be able to stay, so we started a petition to support them. a lot of our friends signed it.

eventually the neighbors saw that the hens were no bother to anyone, so they let them stay. some neighbors even joined the garden for the first time, after living near it for years. when hurricane sandy was coming, they helped batten down the chicken coop to protect it from the storm.

chickens can divide a community, or they can unite it.