16 February 2013

drawing ish-ly...

working with our sun theme we had a brainstorming session naming things that depend on the sun for survival. the kids came up a ton, some sillier than others: grasshoppers, paper, video games, water, toilets... i wrote everyone's ideas onto index cards for our ish-inspired art activity.

 after reading the wonderful book ish i had everyone randomly chose one index card to illustrate. they had five minutes- and then time was up! afterwards they chose a new card to illustrate, but this time they only had four minutes! we continued until they had one minute for drawing and afterwards everyone chose their favorite illustration to hang on the wall. i wish i had been able to take more photos but things were moving a little too fast! 

it's always fun to see what the kids end up liking best. i loved isaac's grasshopper-ish drawing, but he chose a different illustration to put on the wall. 

i was pleasantly surprised to find that no one resorted to scribble drawing when time was running out, nor did anyone complain or give up when they got a card they thought was too difficult. oona, for example, got the toilet card- even though she had no idea how to draw one she gave it a shot!