26 February 2013

flashback video: chickens and worms

chickens from The Rad School on Vimeo.

in october at the warren-st. marks community garden in park slope, garden member and chicken wrangler andrea kannapell introduced us to a white laying hen named worm. she is called worm because she loves loves loves to eat worms.

we helped dig up some worms for her (worm, not andrea).

the garden almost got rid of its hens because some neighbors were upset that they had been moved in without notice. they worried that the hens would bring noise and smell. dozens of people signed a petition demanding the hens leave. kate read us some of the story from the newspaper about the park slope chicken war.

24 February 2013

making paper

thea's father, gordon, an artist and teacher, came in and taught us how to make paper from... paper, and leaves, and other things that you can put in a blender.

23 February 2013

working on our give jars...

i told the kids that we would be painting a rainbow on our give jars without using anything but paint and a yogurt container. after brainstorming a ton of different ideas, no one could figure out how we would do this! finally i showed them this video and we got to work on the first two layers. 

22 February 2013

a trip to the brooklyn museum!

arona and i met kate and the radsters to check out the el anatsui exhibit. it was so inspiring!

the kids made a ton of awesome connections- they made observations that had one of the museum guards floored! she was very impressed.

16 February 2013

working on our helios portraits...

we looked at a lot of different helios portraits, ranging from pencil drawings, sculptures, bronzes, oil paintings, even graphic novel illustrations. afterwards the kids created their own portraits using oil pastels and permanent markers. we discussed the difference between warm and cool colors and afterwards painted the background of our portraits using warm colors and a wet-on-wet painting technique. 

oona felt her helios should have glasses...

drawing ish-ly...

working with our sun theme we had a brainstorming session naming things that depend on the sun for survival. the kids came up a ton, some sillier than others: grasshoppers, paper, video games, water, toilets... i wrote everyone's ideas onto index cards for our ish-inspired art activity.

 after reading the wonderful book ish i had everyone randomly chose one index card to illustrate. they had five minutes- and then time was up! afterwards they chose a new card to illustrate, but this time they only had four minutes! we continued until they had one minute for drawing and afterwards everyone chose their favorite illustration to hang on the wall. i wish i had been able to take more photos but things were moving a little too fast! 

blind art project in action!

blind art project!

after reading regina's big mistake we worked on creating a work of art- blind folded! by focusing on the creative process, rather than the end result, the kids had a ton of fun. 

06 February 2013

collecting soil for our bean experiment...

we learned that digging up soil on a cold winter day can be a bit of a challenge. but when there's a will there's a way!

making mistakes and loving it.

after reading the dot the kids were each given a dot of their own to paste onto paper and transform into something else. since everyone was encouraged to make mistakes there was a lot of excitement in the air! many discoveries were made- it was so much fun to witness! there wasn't one student who was disappointed with their art- who knew making mistakes could be so liberating?

working on our classroom tree...

for a solid hour and a half the kids worked independently on our classroom tree. everyone stayed on task! i saw a lot of cooperation and heard a ton of positive encouragement. 

the kids were particularly helpful with our special six month old guest, arona. oona was kind enough to read a bit of frog and toad with her!

05 February 2013

our kindness jar!

we earned so many acts of kindness it was amazing! for every 100 acts of kindness we will put $1 into our "give jars" at home. at the end of the year we will donate our saved money to a charity of our choosing! 

it was freezing but...

we still had fun!!