10 January 2013

Chelsea gallery tour field trip

Working through friends, the Rad Schoolers got a backstage tour of a top art gallery in Chelsea. This was a class favorite and they were able to learn about the business side of the art...er... business.

Rad Schoolers riding the rails on the way to the Chelsea gallery tour.


Not entirely sure what is happening here, but art is clearly involved.

Love this photo! En route to the gallery. This could be the Rad School album cover. (Except that Sonny is missing.) And we don't have an album. But you get the idea.

Getting up close and personal with an installation.

Field Trip to Prospect Park

Prospect Park is within walking distance to the schoolroom, so the collective is always looking for ways to include this great resource.

 The children established that ducks will indeed fight over wood chips.

The reading nook

A long-time tradition of the Rad School is cuddling up in the reading nook. Children read to themselves, to each other, and work on quiet projects.

Oona and honorary Rad Schooler Sissy getting comfortable in the reading area

The Bee Play - Learning about insects and pollination

As the capstone to the insects learning segment from this autumn, the children worked together with Kate and the parents to put on a play about bees.

Each child had a part to play illustrating what they had learned about bees, pollination, and the importance of insects to the natural world.

Learning about the berries and the bees

As part of a learning segment on insects, their lifecycles, and their importance to the larger ecosystem, the class visited a Beekeeper with a berry farm in upstate New York.

The girls ready to go meet some bees.

Once in the country, of course they needed to ride on the ATV..

Safety First!

The children brought back loads of great fresh picked raspberries to add to their old-fashioned book learnin' about pollination and the life of the bee hive and it's Beekeeper.

07 January 2013

2012-13 school year underway!

The Rad School is back for another year at our home base in Clinton Hill.  We have a new teacher, lots of new students, and great ideas for lesson plans, field trips, and parent involvement.

We have an incredible new bunch of dedicated parents from a wide variety of backgrounds - writers, artists, editors, journalists, dancers, search geeks, entrepreneurs all willing to work together to keep this great homeschool collective going strong.

New photos, lessons, field trip details, and lots of updates from the Radschoolers will be coming soon.

Stay tuned!

2nd year Radschooler Olivia welcomes the new school year