30 May 2012

andy warhol dance diagrams...

we studied some of warhol's dance diagram paintings and afterwards tried to do the dances!

it was nearly impossible to get an action photo that was in focus!

working on our andy warhol workbooks...

journal/collage time!

hmmm... perhaps the shirtless rob lowe cover page could have been taken out! 

experimenting: with density!

the kids learned how to layer different densities into a rainbow of color- using sugar and food coloring!

color theory: rainbows!

as we listened to israel kamakawiwo'ole's over the rainbow the kids drew how the song made them feel...

law of motion balloon experiment!

the kids had lots of fun with this experiment! 

magnetic free choice time...

sometimes i give the kids time for magnetic play. they can choose between using the magnetic letters to create different words, and then record them on paper or a whiteboard if they want, or to use the magnetic poetry and create a poem.

nova wrote this for me using magnetic poetry...

... while leroy used the magnetic letters for some wishful thinking!

working on our cake box books...

artist study: frida kahlo

the following day after talking about frida kahlo's life and artwork, the kids made a list of the things they remembered- pretty impressive!

we analyzed self-portrait on the borderline between mexico and the united states. the kids came up with all of these observations! i was ready to give all sorts of prompts but they were never needed. it was a very proud teacher moment for me.