31 January 2012

film theme: georges méliès

we watched le voyage dans la lune by georges méliès as a continuation of our discussion on silent film. the kids loved it- although everyone agreed that the moon was pretty creepy! 

before watching the film i had the kids look through different screenshots from the film and try to put them in chronological order. since no one had any idea what the context of the images were, everyone had different ideas of what order to place the images. after we watched the film we went back to the screenshots and put them in the correct order!

as homework the kids were to watch this melies-inspired music video by the smashing pumpkins. the kids did an excellent job finding similarities and differences between the two! 

music theme: pitch, tempo, and rhythm

after watching a video talking about pitch, tempo and rhythm (featuring bobby mcferrin!) we illustrated our index cards!

28 January 2012

daily responsibilities!

every day each student is assigned two daily responsibilities, ranging from lunchtime kitchen duties to end-of-the-day common clean. it's pretty amazing to watch everyone in action!

27 January 2012

how does music make you feel?

after listening to different musical soundbites the kids had to decide if the music made them feel happy, scared, or sad and sit next to the appropriate feeling poster. it was interesting to see how certain music affected the students in a similar way, while other songs made them feel very different from each other. 

to give the students a larger range of emotions we brought out our nifty feelings cards for the kids to choose from!

we also created charts to document everyone's reactions to the music...

theme: jazz funk!

while listening to herbie hancock's 1973 version of watermelon man, the students illustrated how the music made them feel on their JAZZ FUNK index cards. everyone agreed it was a fun song to listen to!