11 November 2010

Creating our own trick-or-treat baskets

Plastic milk cartons and laundry detergent containers work!

Attaching tissue paper to create various animals

Bats and cats!

Cowboys, Hippies and Prairie Girls...oh my!

Dressed up for time warp day

Waiting for the C train

New Yorkers don't even look twice

Park Rangers with Ranger Sunny

Learning duck calls.

Marching through the Pine Needham

Ruddy ducks spotted in the Resevoir

Halloween Week: Dress-up day #2- Jetsetters.

Singing "You Are My Sunshine" during journal time...

Longhouse measurements

Constructing the first of two sleeping platforms for the Iroquois longhouse

Pumpkin Carving

The scooping begins


Ikea knive worked well for our purposes!

Making the same face as our pumpkins

Resting amidst remnants of All Hallow's Eve