19 October 2010

Why do the leaves change color?

We began to illustrate a Huron legend explaining why the leaves change color for our books!


In the story, the bear follows a deer across a rainbow into the sky before being killed by the deer.

In the legend, the blood from the bear falls from the sky and onto the trees.  A little gory!

Trip to the MET

Listening to Leon Levinstein talking about his exhibit.

Inspired to sketch

Hipsters, handballers and hustlers.... exhibit at the MET

Sketching the Degas ballerina

A different perspective

The MET's most attentive viewers

Comparing 4 different perspectives of the same sculpture

No sleep til Brooklyn

14 October 2010

Algonquin day....petroglyphs, pictographs and playing with Mini-RAD!

Nova's sketching corner.

Working on our Costello-inspired drawings.

Close-up of Nova's world.

Nova's inspiration wall.

Phoebe's inspiration wall.

Phoebe's sketching corner.

Sketchbook detail

Detail of Phoebe's world

Leroy's sketching corner

Leroy's inspiration wall

Detail from Leroy's world

Christina's inspiration wall

Snack time and bird-watching

Coco's plaid outfit!

Working on petroglyphs like the Algonquins

Pictographs on bark

12 October 2010

Mayan face-painting!

Green lines underneath the eyes was thought to improve eyesight!

Black lines represent life!

White lines and dots represent peace

Snack time.