25 September 2010

Sustainable Agriculture (and housing!)

Preparing Pumpkin Pie for Mini-RAD

Cutting potatoes for our Potato Leek Soup

A well-lived in kitchen.

Autumn Equinox meal with Mini-RAD.

Working on a wigwam in Prospect Park after the Brooklyn Tornado 2010!

Completed wigwam...

  Our garden adventure transitioned the RAD school smoothly into a discussion of the positive implications of sustainable agriculture, short-term and rental housing,  and locally-sourced meals.  During the second week of school, we investigated the positive and negative aspects of buying groceries from a chain supermarket versus buying groceries from independent and farmer’s markets.
Our first family picnic by the big rock.

Eagerly awaiting ice cream.

Working on autumnal place mats for Mini-RAD

Community Gardens

To welcome our new school year, RAD students are exploring the various functions of “community life.”  Beginning with the alternative school community that immediately involves them, RAD students Leroy, Leif, Nova and Phoebe set the standards and guidelines for a school community to function effectively while their parents and teacher, Christina, set up a classroom community that would foster a year-long exploration for the 6- and 7-year olds.

                                    Comparing plots in a community garden on Greene.
 Walking to the Target Community Garden.

   Our first trip was a walking tour of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy during which RAD students delved into the workings of 7 public community gardens.  In each garden we alighted on revelations regarding the (dis)organization, structure and complications involved in running an organization as a group.

 First picnic in Fort Greene Park.

 Communicating under the bridge.