04 September 2015

An Announcement: Closing Our Doors, and New Opportunities

Fellow Educational Adventurers:

There will be no Rad school this year, or for the foreseeable future.

But if you are interested in exploring microschool education, here is someone who is launching a business that is helping families and teachers start and run microschools (like Rad). Her name is Manisha Snoyer and her company is called CottageClass. She already has several schools in her network.

Please feel free to get in touch with her.

Here are a few words from Manisha explaining what she’s up to:

I’m a learning specialist with 15 years experience teaching across diverse educational platforms.

I’m currently building a business that would connect families looking for innovative preK-12 education with visionary teachers running their own schools (homeschool coops, family based daycare, one-room schoolhouses, enrichment classes.

As the project is in its early stages, I’m working hands-on with parents and teachers to help them find and/or set up schools.

If you're looking for a school or coop or would like to start one in your home or just learn more, please feel free to reach out. There is no charge for my services- parents would pay a small fixed percentage fee on tuition fees if they decide to enroll in the school.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Manisha Snoyer
CEO, Cottageclass

Wishing you all luck on your journey,

The Rad school team

04 April 2014

RADville Part 2

Last week, we wrote about the beginnings of our neighborhood study.  This week we'll show you the finished town of RADville... 

In the final stages of building we added details such as garbage cans, ATM machines, mailboxes and a park to our town.  We even created our own people and money for Rad-ville and the students bought goods and services from one another at the different businesses. 


Introducting... RADville!

Zoom, The RADville movie theater

The Jailhouse

The RADville Graveyard
The Veterinarian's Office

Horace's Hotel

Violet's Café

We even threw a party to show off our town to friends and family!

31 March 2014

RADville part 1

One of the students' favorite projects this year was the creation of our very own model town, RADville. We started by observing the goings-on about our own neighborhood. What businesses were there? What services? We thought about what is neccessary to have in a town, and what were things that made life there fun and enjoyable for its citizens?

Each student then chose a business or service to create for RADville.
We came up with
a hospital
a veterinary clinic
a hotel
a police station/jail
a clothing store
a movie theater
a cafe
a graveyard!

The students then went on mini-field trips to study the establishments they were going to create in miniature. The students interviewed people who worked there and found out information they needed about how these places were run.

Clipboards in hand, ready to observe!

Two RADsters went to the local police station and got to interview a real policeman!

Back at school, students filled in a checklist to record the data they had gathered, and they then started planning their own businesses and services.  

After our research phase, it was time to begin construction!  Each student got his or her own wooden box. We started by sanding and painting them...

Then we used paper, cardboard and recycled art materials to construct the insides of the structures.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished town!

18 March 2014

A Visit to the Tom Otterness Studio

The RADsters had the opportunity to travel to the Tom Otterness Studio.  First we walked around and did some sketching of different pieces.  Many of us recognized his work from all around the city!  Then he gave us a private tour and showed us all the different steps he uses to make his art.  We met his entire team! 


07 March 2014

"All About" Books

We recently completed a unit on "all about" books, where each kid wrote a non-fiction book about a topic of their choosing. To celebrate, we held a little publishing party/brunch and invited all the parents. Some of the topics the RADsters chose were:

All About How to Draw Vampires
All About Egypt
All About Origami
All About Harry Potter
All About Minecraft
All About How To Be Happy
All About Space
All About Albert Einstein
All About Multiplication

04 March 2014

Snow Frolic

The RADsters have been enjoying the abundant snow this winter. Every day the kids play outdoors in a local playground, regardless of weather. Here are some shots from the last month...

25 February 2014

Happy Asian Lunar New Year! (ok it was a few weeks ago)

We rang in the new year with the dancing dragons at the Amico Senior Center in Borough Park.

Some of the RADsters joined in the festivities and sang and danced for the seniors.